• multi-physics problems: reactive flows, fluid-structure interaction, contact, phase transformation
  • multi-scale problems: homogenisation, material failure and degradation
  • materials science: composites, functional materials, textiles


  • uncertainty quantification: Bayesian inference, sensitivity analysis, design of experiments
  • optimisation and optimal control: reduced order models, real-time


  • advanced finite element methods and techniques
  • finite volumes and discrete element / particle methods
  • advanced graph analytics
  • advanced data analysis


  • open-source software development (e.g. finite element framework FEniCS)
  • in-house scientific software (XDEM, HPC)
  • experimental facilities for large-scale data acquisition (e.g. wind tunnel, gravimeter)

Mechanics and Structural Analysis (Andreas ZILIAN)

Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics (Bernhard PETERS, LuXDEM)

Computational Mechanics (Stéphane BORDAS, Legato)

Geophysics and Geodesy (Olivier FRANCIS)

Networks and Transportation Systems (Francesco VITI)