The research groups of ILIAS are particularly committed to the following programs:

Doctor School in Computer Science and Computer Engineering


  • General Information: DSCSCE - Doctoral School in Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • The Doctoral School of Computer Science and Computer Engineering (DS-CSCE) provides an excellent environment for pursuing doctoral studies in computer science and computer engineering at an internationally competitive level and in broad interdisciplinary application fields. The DS-CSCE is the joint doctoral school of the Computer Science and Communications Research Unit (CSC) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT).

Master of Science in Information and Computer Sciences

(4 semester, 120 ECTS)

  • General Information: MiCS - Master in Information and Computer Sciences
  • You can apply here
  • We offer fundamental courses in: Intelligent and Adaptive Systems (Agents and Reasoning, Information Retrieval and Learning, Problem Solving).
  • We offer courses regarding the following themes (specialisations): Adaptive Computing and Intelligent Systems
    Algorithmic Decision Theory, Computational Statistics, Information Theory and Coding, Intelligent Agents I, Intelligent Agents II, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Optimisation for Computer Science, Machine Learning, Parallel and Grid Computing, Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence, Stochastic Models in Intrusion Detection Systems. 

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

(6 semester, 180 ECTS) 

NEW: Academic Bachelor in Computer Science

(6 semester, 180 ECTS)