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Towards digital transformation of legal practice

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Veröffentlicht am Montag, den 30. März 2020

The paper "NAI: Towards Transparent and Usable Semi-Automated Legal Analysis" by Alexander Steen and Tomer Libal, postdocs at the University of Luxembourg, won the best paper award (1st prize) at the Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion (IRIS 2020) conference. 

NAI a novel prototype

The paper was selected out of more than 150 papers accepted at the conference. NAI is a novel prototype for automated reasoning over legal documents. It uses formalized representations of legal documents that are created using a graphical editor that is also provided as part of NAI. The prototype supports several automated reasoning procedures over the given formalizations, including the execution of user queries.

"For us, this award is a clear indication that symbolic AI mechanisms, including computer-assisted logical reasoning, can indeed contribute to the ongoing digital transformation of legal practice. We are grateful for the honour, and this of course encourages us to further pursue this direction of research", says researchers Alexander Steen and visiting researcher Tomer Libal.

About IRIS Conference

The IRIS conference is a conference on legal informatics. This main topic concerns all major questions of legal informatics: legal information, e-government, e-democracy, e-justice, legal visualisation, legal design, IT law, e-commerce, IP law, telecommunications law, e-procurement, Internet governance, etc. New approaches and solutions as well as continuous further developments were presented.

The IRIS conference is known for its interdisciplinary orientation as well as the involvement of the administration, business and civil society.

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