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DSSE Statutes / Excellent Thesis Award

The Doctoral School in Science and Engineering (DSSE) is organised and governed in accordance with
the rules laid down in its Main Statutes:

Main statutes of the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering (PDF).

The statutes are complemented by an annex regulating the Excellent Thesis Award


DSSE Jury: Excellent Thesis Award

The excellent thesis award jury consists of one academic representative from each DSSE doctoral programme:

         Doctoral Programme in Civil Engineering:

Prof. Dr. Norman Teferle

         Doctoral Programme in Computational Sciences:

Dr. Lars Beex

         Doctoral Programme in Computer Science and Computer Engineering:

Prof. Dr. Peter Y. A. Ryan

         Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Applications:

Prof. Dr. Gabor Wiese

         Doctoral Programme in Mechanical/Electro and Communications Engineering:

Prof. Dr. Slawomir Kedziora

         Doctoral Programme in Physics and Materials Science:

Prof. Dr. Susanne Siebentritt

         Doctoral Programme in Systems and Molecular Biomedicine:

Prof. Dr. Daniel Abankwa