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Outreach activities

The Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine regularly organises or participates in outreach activities in order to make science accessible to all.

Different initiatives have already been taken, such as:

  • Scienteens Lab Maths & Physics: organisation of one-day experimental workshops for entire classes
  • Activities in Mathematics:, Exhibition "Mathematik zum Anfassen", 
  • FNR activities: participation in FNR activities (Science Festival, Researchers' Days, Chercheurs à l'école)
  • Science Festival: organisation of interactive activities in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History
  • Visit of students: invitation of secondary school students to participate in some courses (Testez nos facultés, Etudiant d'un jour)
  • Chercheurs à l'école
  • MATh.en.JEANS
  • Researchers'Days