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2019 Audacity projects

LAIWYERS: Law and AI: WaYs to Explore Robust Solutions

by M. Cole and Y. Le Traon

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reaching out into all sectors and the law is no exception. Machine learning methods are being discussed as potential substitutes for human interaction or decision or at least for creating results on which human decisions are based.

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MCI-BIOME: Relationship between socioeconomic status and the gut microbiome as a risk of dementia

by A. Leist, P. Wilmes and R. Krüger

Dementia is one of the greatest scientific, medical and socioeconomic challenges of our times, as it affects more than 46 million people worldwide, with incidence numbers projected to double within the next 20 years.

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DSEWELL: Data Science and The Economics of WELLbeing

by C. d’Ambrosio and A. Tkatchenko

We propose to bring together machine learning approaches, physics-inspired descriptors, and the economics of wellbeing to address questions broadly related to predicting life satisfaction and health of individuals in a data-driven manner.

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Luxembourg Time Machine

by A. Fickers (, E. Schymanski ( and L. Pfister (LIST and

There is hard evidence that global change is having severe and persistent impacts on environmental systems - eventually compromising socio-economic development in many regions of the world.

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