Incoming Staff

Are you a staff member of a partner university?

General Rules

  • You are a national of a country participating in Erasmus+;
  • The mobility period cannot be shortened;
  • You must find on your own, a mentor who agrees to host you among the staff of the University of Luxembourg during your mobility period.
  • During the mobility, you must remain employed at your Home Institution;
  • You must submit a work plan to the relevant Mobility Officer (details below) agreed upon with the receiving enterprise / institution.
  • Please consider at least 45 days before your mobility in order to complete the formalities in your institution and in our institution.


Staff mobility for teaching assignment (STA)

  • Teaching assignments are possible for both teaching staff from a Higher Education Institution (HEI) and/or invited staff of private enterprises;
  • If the visiting staff member is from a Higher Education institution, a bilateral Erasmus+ agreement must have been previously signed between the two institutions – please check with your home institution;
  • The minimum / maximum duration depends on the department/mentor;
  • The minimum duration of the teaching assignment is 8 hours per week;
  • The teaching programme must be agreed by written in advance by all parties.

Staff mobility for training (STT)

For administrative staff or other non-teaching staff who wish to complete professional development at the University of Luxembourg.

  • The minimum / maximum duration depends on the department/mentor;
  • The training period at your home institution may be referred to in a variety of forms, including, (but not limited to);
    • short secondment period
    • job-shadowing scheme
    • study visit
    • workshop
    • conference, etc.
  • Note: language training and attendance of conferences, seminars and workshops should not represent the majority of the total training days.

Application Procedure

Please send the following documents to the appropriate Mobility staff member (listed below):

1)     Send us the authorization from the department of your host institution (letter), which allows your mobility;

2)     Find on your own the mentor who agrees to host you during your mobility (see our organization chart)

--> Once the mentor at the University of Luxembourg agreed with your mobility:

3)     Send us the official invitation letter (see model) signed by the mentor who will be responsible for you at the University of Luxembourg during your mobility period

4)     Please send the following document duly signed to the appropriate mobility staff member (listed below);

  • Form: Staff Mobility for Teaching - Mobility demand


  • Form: Staff Mobility for Training - Mobility demand;
  • an updated CV (only for staff mobility for teaching).

Please send to:


Your home university must use its Erasmus+ Staff Mobility budget to reimburse you for the costs incurred during your mobility.


You are required to have adequate insurance coverage that includes personal accident and medical expenses.