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Researchers' Days 2022

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Veranstaltung: Freitag, den 25. November 2022 08:30 - Samstag, den 26. November 2022 19:00
Ort: Rockhal
5 Avenue du Rock’n Roll
L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette

Organised by the National Research Fund (FNR), the Researchers’ Days are a key event for research in Luxembourg, offering scientists a unique platform to present their work to a large audience. Visitors can enjoy a “hands-on” experience, conduct experiments, ask questions and get a very concrete and personal insight into the world of research.

This year, the LCSB workshop is organised by the Systems Ecology group.

Never alone, always together: Living in a microbial world
Microbes, microscopically small organisms, are all around us. Discover where we can find them in our body and in our food! Look at your own microbes and learn how they help to keep you healthy. Find out how we can study what microbes do in our gut and check which microbes are present in a sample!

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