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Two LCSB students receive Pélican Award 2013

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Veröffentlicht am Dienstag, den 16. Juli 2013

Two PhD students at the LCSB, Julia Becker-Kettern and Kathrin Hemmer, are recipients of this year's Pélican stipend. This grant is awarded by the Fondation du Pélican de Mie et Pierre Hippert-Faber under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg, and is meant to help students of the University's Doctoral School of Systems and Molecular Biomedicine with expenses that are not covered by their research grant.

It is the first time, since the creation of the award three years ago, that two of the three grants went to students at the LCSB.  "I feel honored to be awarded this grant", says Julia Becker-Kettern, who works in Carole Linster's Enzymology and Metabolism laboratory. "I am planning to spend some of the money to visit conferences and workshops. The remainder of the funds will allow me to generate some transcriptomics data in collaboration with EMBL", she says. Kathrin Hemmer, who is a graduate student in Jens Schwamborn's Development and Cellular Biology laboratory, will use the funds not only to travel to conferences but also to participate in a CLARITY workshop held in Karl Deisseroth's lab at Stanford University in California. CLARITY is a process where the whole mouse brain is rendered transparent with its three-dimensional complexity of fine wiring and molecular structures remaining completely intact. The third grant went to Susanne Reinsbach from Iris Behrmann's lab at the university's Life Sciences Research Unit. She will use the funds for study visits to the A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences in Finland and to the ISB in Seattle where she will perform analysis and integration of high-throughput data to identify mechanisms that contribute to the development of melanoma skin cancer.

Students from the Doctoral School who have not received the Pélican stipend in the past, can apply for this grant again in 2014.