Principal Investigators




PhD students

Visiting researchers

  • Catarina Almeida
  • Pinar Alper
  • Sofija Andric
  • Maral Azodi
  • Meritxell Bao Cutrona
  • Peter Barbuti
  • Vanessa Barthelemy
  • Carole Binsfeld
  • Liyousew Borga
  • Emna Bouhajja
  • Dr. David Bouvier
  • Dr. René Peter Bremm
  • Nils Christian (ITTM S.A., Luxembourg)
  • Camille Cialini (LIH, Luxembourg)
  • Alfonso De Falco (LNS, Luxembourg)
  • Jean-Charles Delvenne (UCL, Belgium)
  • Valentin Devassine (Lyceé de la Briquerie, France)
  • Gian Mario Dore (LIH, Luxembourg)
  • Catherine Dostert
  • Serge Eifes (ITTM S.A., Luxembourg)
  • Anouk Ewen
  • Sophie Farinelle (LIH, Luxembourg)
  • Beatriz Garcia Santa Cruz (CHL, Luxembourg)
  • Jean-Jacque Gerardy (LNS, Luxembourg)
  • Luana Guerra (LIH, Luxembourg)
  • Maxime Hansen
  • Janika Härm
  • Veronika Horkova
  • Javier Jarazo (LNS, Luxembourg)
  • Sonja Jonsdottir
  • Eleni Kallonista
  • Takumi Kobayashi
  • Andreas Kremer (ITTM S.A., Luxembourg)
  • Sebastiano Laferla
  • Jacek Lebioda
  • Stefano Magni (CHL)
  • Joao-Manuel Loureiro
  • Loic Marx
  • Johannes Meiser (LIH, Luxembourg)
  • Tatiana Michel
  • Alessandro Michelucci (LIH, Luxembourg)
  • Clemens Misch
  • Dr. Laurent Mombaerts
  • Kathleen Mommaerts (project IBBL & LCSB)
  • Dr. Shaman Narayanasamy
  • Kerstin Neininger (ITTM S.A., Luxembourg)
  • Beatrice Nicolai
  • Fozia Noor
  • Anaïs Oudin
  • Ivana Paccoud
  • Dr. Lukas Pavelka
  • Joëlle Penny-Fritz (LIH, Luxembourg)
  • Adrien Ries
  • Isabel Rosety
  • Arkadiusz Rybicki
  • Bruno Santos (LIH)
  • Leticia Soriano
  • Marie Stacza Krawczykowski (University of Glasgow, UK)
  • Amelie Teferle
  • Charlene Verschueren
  • Philippe Vielh (LNS, Luxembourg)
  • Carole Weis (LIH)
  • Ling Xiao


  • Linda Hansen-Hansen

Administrative staff

Technical staff

Some of our Principal Investigators

Prof. Anne Grünewald on her research on Parkinson's disease especially the role of mitochondria, organells responsable for energy supply in the nerve cells affected by the disease.

Prof. Dr. Rejko Krüger (LCSB)

LCSB - Associate Prod. Dr. Alexander Skupin (LCSB)

Dr Enrico Glaab

Dr Emma Schymanski, principal investigator at the LCSB and FNR ATTRACT Fellow, on research conducted by her group, Environmental Cheminformatics,  at the LCSB

Prof. Dr. Antonio del Sol

Anke Vogler, Head of Operations at the LCSB, on the work of the administrative staff in supporting researchers

Nicolas Bonjean (LCSB)

Dr Françoise Meisch, scientific strategic advisor at the LCSB, on her work as well as the potential and benefits of scientific research institutions like the LCSB for Luxemburg

Julia Kessler (LCSB)

Sabine Schmitz (LCSB)

Dr Elisabeth John, coordinator of the Scienteens Lab