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François Lamoline

François Lamoline

Postdoctoral researcher

Fakultät oder Zentrum Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Department Systems Control
Postadresse Université du Luxembourg
2, Avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette

Postdoc in the Systems Control group (Goncalves Lab)

Last updated on: Mittwoch, den 15. Januar 2020

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See detailAnalysis of the existence of equilibrium profiles in nonisothermal axial dispersion tubular reactors
Hastir, Anthony; Lamoline, François; Winkin, Joseph; Dochain, Denis

in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (2019)

Full Text
See detailModeling and control of an IPMC actuated flexible beam under the port-Hamiltonian framework
Wu, Yongxin; Lamoline, François; Winkin, Joseph; Le Gorrec, Yann

in 3rd IFAC Workshop on Control of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations CPDE 2019: Oaxaca, Mexico, 20–24 May 2019 (2019), 52(2), 108-113

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