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Kacy Greenhalgh

Postdoctoral researcher / Research associate

Fakultät oder Zentrum Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Forschungseinheit LCSB
Postadresse Campus Belval, Université du Luxembourg
7, Avenue des Hauts Fourneaux
L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette
Büroadresse BioTech I, 4.10B
Telefon (+352) 46 66 44 6628
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 36628

Postdoc in the Eco-Systems Biology group (Wilmes Lab)

Last updated on: Freitag, den 01. Februar 2019

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Full Text
See detailEngineering Solutions for Representative Models of the Gastrointestinal Human-Microbe Interface
Mac Giolla Eain, Marc; Baginska, Joanna; Greenhalgh, Kacy; Fritz, Joëlle; Zenhausern, Frederic; Wilmes, Paul

in Engineering (2017)

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See detailGeneration of genome-scale metabolic reconstructions for 773 members of the human gut microbiota
Magnusdottir, Stefania; Heinken, Almut Katrin; Kutt, Laura; Ravcheev, Dmitry; Bauer, Eugen; Noronha, Alberto; Greenhalgh, Kacy; Jäger, Christian; Baginska, Joanna; Wilmes, Paul; Fleming, Ronan MT; Thiele, Ines

in Nature Biotechnology (2016)

Full Text
See detailA microfluidics-based in vitro model of the gastrointestinal human-microbe interface.
Shah, Pranjul; Fritz, Joëlle; Glaab, Enrico; Desai, Mahesh S.; Greenhalgh, Kacy; Frachet Bour, Audrey; Niegowska, Magdalena; Estes, Matthew; Jäger, Christian; Seguin-Devaux, Carole; Zenhausern, Frederic; Wilmes, Paul

in Nature communications (2016), 7

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