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Nassima Ouzren

Technician on project

Fakultät oder Zentrum Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Forschungseinheit LCSB
Postadresse Université du Luxembourg
6, avenue du Swing
L-4367 Belvaux
Büroadresse BioTech II, 1.15

Technical assistant in the Molecular and Functional Neurobiology group (Grünewald Lab)

Last updated on: Montag, den 19. September 2016

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See detail3D Cultures of Parkinson's Disease‐Specific Dopaminergic Neurons for High Content Phenotyping and Drug Testing
Bolognin, Silvia; Fossépré, Marie; Qing, Xiaobing; Jarazo, Javier; Ščančar, Janez; Lucumi Moreno, Edinson; Nickels, Sarah; Wasner, Kobi; Ouzren, Nassima; Walter, Jonas; Grünewald, Anne; Glaab, Enrico; Salamanca, Luis; Fleming, Ronan M. T.; Antony, Paul; Schwamborn, Jens Christian

in Advanced Science (2018)

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