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Translational Neuroscience Group

The Translational Neuroscience group at the LCSB headed by Prof. Dr. Rejko Krüger aims to create an essential bridge between basic research and the clinic so that effective prevention, diagnosis and therapy may help the patients in Luxembourg and beyond. The group represents a translational platform, integrating clinical research with basic science.

The Translational Neuroscience group at the LCSB

Back row (from left to right): François Massart, Simone Larsen, Julia Ilona Forster, Lars Geffers, Bruno Dos Santos Rodrigues, Paul Anthony
Middle row (from left to right): Rejko Krüger, Peter Barbuti, Sofia Pereira, Dajana Grossmann, Anne Kaysen, Francesca Borrelli
Front row (from left to right): Jane Murray, Joëlle Penny-Fritz, Zoé Hanss, Clara Berenguer, Claire Dording, Jochen Ohnmacht

About the Translational Neuroscience Group

The fundamental research focus of the group is the elucidation of molecular signalling pathways leading to neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease. Using mutation screenings in a large sample of Parkinson patients, the group has identified novel mutations in genes that are responsible for familial PD and deciphered genetic variants in candidate genes that are associated with sporadic PD. The group intensively studies the functional consequences of identified mutations, investigating molecular signalling cascades in the pathogenesis of PD. In this context, we are interested in the identification of novel interacting proteins, characterization of proteasomal function, analyses of mitochondrial function and dynamics, and the effects of cell viability in cellular and transgenic animal models of the disease. These studies aim at the development of novel neuroprotective therapeutic strategies in the treatment of PD as the most common neurodegenerative movement disorder.

National Centre for Excellence in Research in Parkinson’s Disease (NCER-PD)


The Clinical research focus of the group is through the National Centre for Excellence in Research – Parkinson’s Disease (NCER-PD) Programme, an initiative of the Luxembourg National Research Fund. Professor Krueger leads the patient cohort aspect of the programme. Patients and healthy subjects are recruited in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. With theCentre Hospitalier de Luxembourg(CHL), the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL), clinical characterisation & biosampling of PD patients is performed. The aim is to improve diagnosis & stratification of PD by developing novel disease biomarkers.

Prof. Dr. Rejko Krüger is also available for weekly consultations at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) where he puts his long-standing expertise in Parkinson’s disease for the benefit of the patients by giving individual advice for treatment options. Furthermore, patients as well as healthy people can directly contribute to PD research by donating biological samples (e.g. DNA, skin). The DNA samples can be screened genetically for new PD genes. From the skin samples, cells can be grown in order to find distinctive patterns for disease. Interestingly from the skin cells, we are able to check for similar disease patterns as found in the neurons.

The results generated from our basic research in collaboration with other groups at the LCSB will help to identify new biomarkers and therapeutic targets. Using automated drug discovery approaches coupled with advanced imaging methods, we can then identify new treatments for PD, not only in the form of medication but also alternative methods such as deep brain stimulation. This comprehensive strategy allows for the successful translation of pre-clinical discoveries back to the patients including advanced diagnostics and treatments for PD.

The Translational Neuroscience Group was established under the auspices of the Luxembourg National Research Fund's Programme Excellence Award for Research in Luxembourg (PEARL), in 2014.

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Head of Team

Prof. Dr. Rejko Krüger (LCSB)