Das Scienteens Lab bietet auch einwöchige Praktika innerhalb der Forschungsgruppen des Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) an. Während dieser Praktika wird motivierten Schülern die Möglichkeit geboten, mehr über die wissenschaftliche Forschung zu erfahren (wissenschaftliche Methode, Laborarbeit, Bioinformatik, Modellierung, ...), und in einem Labor neben erfahrenen Wissenschaftlern zu arbeiten.


Finden Sie hier neue Angebote für Praktika für Schülerinnen und Schüler für das Jahr 2019.
Alle Praktika sind in englischer Sprache.
Bei Interesse schicken Sie bitte Ihren Lebenslauf sowie ein Motivationsschreiben an Dr Elisabeth John.

Praktika 2019

Identifying molecules and pollutants in the environment

Internship within the Environmental Cheminformatics Group lead by Assoc. Prof. Emma Schymanski.

Internship period: All Saints Day holidays / 28.10.2019 – 31.10.2019 (4 days, 8 hours/day)
Number of places available: 2
Language: English
Supervising scientist: Dr Randolph Singh

The research focus of the group is using experimental and computational mass spectrometry tools to understand different scientific questions that can range from identifying unknown molecules in a biological system or discovering new pollutants in environmental matrices.

During the internship, the student will get the chance to:
- work in the laboratory and learn how water samples are processed for contaminant analyses,
- observe how environmental samples are analyzed using mass spectrometry,
- help analyze data generated to identify contaminants in the water,
- understand the fate and transport of environmental contaminants and how these can have potential negative effects on human health.

Requirements: The group welcomes students interested in both experimental and computational approaches to understanding chemical pollution. Interest in the environmental sciences is a plus.

Essentials for genetic engineering

Internship within the Systems Control Group lead by Prof. Dr Jorge Goncalves

Internship period: 19.08.2019 – 23.08.2019 (5 days, 8 hours/day)
Number of places available: 1 - AUSGEBUCHT
Language: English
Supervising scientist: Mehri Baniasadi

The students will learn some or all of these depending on the progress:
- How to find the sequence of a gene?
- How to find the location of the gene on the chromosome?
- Which genes have similar sequence to the gene of interest?
- How to design a probe for a gene?
- Getting familiar with the principles of some genetic engineering methods.

Requirements: The applicant should be familiar with basic computer usage as all/most of these tasks will be carried out on a computer.

Research on Parkinson’s disease

Internship within the Clinical & Experimental Neuroscience Group lead by Prof. Dr Rejko Krüger

Internship period: 02.09.2019 – 06.09.2019 and 28.10.2019 – 31.10.2019 (5 days, 8 hours/day)
Number of places available: 4 (two interns per period) - AUSGEBUCHT
Language: English

The research focus of the group is to understand more about Parkinson’s disease, find ways to diagnose earlier and develop personalised treatments. The student will learn about interdisciplinary biomedical research, understand what career options there are and learn about the national, European and international projects that the group is involved in.

The student will spend some time in the laboratory, learning about techniques such as:
- cultivation, generation and differentiation of cells (fibroblasts, stem cells)
- gene editing using CRISPR/Cas9
- compound screening (drug discovery) and imaging with the automation platform

The student will also have the opportunity to visit the Parkinson Research Clinic in Strassen, where the clinical research team work on the patient cohort (National Centre for Excellence in Research – Parkinson’s Disease, NCER-PD). Patients and healthy people come to the clinic to give samples and undergo tests, and this information and samples are processed and used for research.

Requirements: We welcome students interested in studying biological sciences or who would like to become a medical doctor who also carries out research (physician scientist).