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Continuing education for teachers - Scientific lectures

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Veranstaltung: Montag, den 06. Mai 2019 16:00 - 19:00
Ort: University of Luxembourg - Limpertsberg Campus - Science Building (BS 007)
162a, avenue de la Faïencerie

Physics beyond physics: from liquid crystal-enabled design to microbes in a changing climate

During this teacher training, the participants will have the opportunity to listen to and to discuss with two researchers of the Physics unit of the University of Luxembourg presenting their fields of physical science.

Prof. Jan Lagerwall will talk about the history and future of liquid crystals: from demonstrating an incompleteness of physics to revolutionizing society.  He will show with examples from the research undertaken in his group that the use of liquid crystals in society goes very far beyond displays. They for example explore the use of liquid crystals in responsive textiles for wearable technology.

The second talk by Prof. Anupam Sengupta, entitled “A bug's Life: lessons from the tiny marvels in a changing world”, highlight the interdisciplinarity of natural science. Microorganisms are indispensable in holding our ecosystem in balance, more so during the rapidly shifting patterns we encounter in our environment today. During his talk, Anupam Sengupta will present cross-disciplinary approaches that his lab uses to analyze the impact of environmental changes on microbes like photosynthetic algae or bacterial.

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