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Bioimaging Platform

The LCSB Bioimaging Platform provides access to and support for a broad palette of advanced microscopy and flow cytometry instruments, enabling researchers to perform studies from the tissue level and down to sub-cellular scales.

The focus of the Bioimaging Platform is to grant researchers access to state-of-the-art analytical imaging technologies. As such, the platform comprises of advanced microscopy systems for high resolution studies of fixed and live samples as well as for low-phototoxicity imaging of whole organs and organisms. Image analysis is supported by strong in-house capacities and the university’s high-performance computing facility.

We work in close collaboration with platform users and research groups to support instrument use, quality control, data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation. Specific expertise in image analysis enables us to assist users with the development of custom-made software tools. The on-going strategic development of the platform is also organized in strong interactions with the users and their needs.