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Vision & Mission

The vision of the LCSB is to:

  • understand the mechanisms of complex biological systems and disease processes
  • enable new ways to cure and prevent human diseases

The mission of the LCSB is to:

  • carry out fundamental research in the field of systems biology and biomedicine
  • analyse the mechanisms of disease pathogenesis
  • identify and validate new targets for disease prevention and intervention
  • develop new technology for biological systems analysis
  • explore opportunities for the translation of knowledge from basic research into industrial application
  • develop new strategic partnerships in the area of computational and systems biology

Our History

For a better understanding of disease mechanisms and development of new tools in diagnostics and therapy.

The Birth of LCSB

Ranga Yogeshwar moderating the LCSB Gala 2011. The Gala was kindly supported by the FNR.

Mister Science from RTL on Biomedicine