Submitting assignments using Turnitin

What is Turnitin? How does it work? How can Turnitin help me with my assignments? Where can I find it?

When submitting written work for assessment, some courses give you the possibility to have your academic work checked by Turnitin.

Turnitin is a text-matching tool that checks the similarity of your work with existing texts. It can give you indications of where your text may benefit from revisions, facilitating the identification of missing citations and references, or passages that you quoted incorrectly or paraphrased insufficiently. Turnitin can thereby help you to avoid plagiarism.

At the University of Luxembourg, Turnitin is embedded in Moodle and is offered for courses in bachelor and master programmes. Turnitin is managed by course instructors. If activated by the responsible course instructor, Turnitin results will be available to students.

In order to use Turnitin in courses for which it is available, simply submit your assignment in Moodle and it will be uploaded directly to Turnitin for text-matching. Consult the handout Submitting assignments using Turnitin. A guide for students or the video tutorial provided below to understand:

  • What Turnitin is and what it is for
  • How to submit an assignment via Turnitin
  • How Turnitin works
  • How to interpret the Similarity index and report
  • How to use Turnitin effectively

Please check this tutorial to know more about How to submit an assignment to Turnitin in Moodle


For more information on how to quote and paraphrase correctly, and how to avoid plagiarism, please also refer to the resource pages of the Learning Centre Academic writing: A style guide for students and Understanding and avoiding plagiarism.

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