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Read a comic about science in Luxembourg at LLC

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Veröffentlicht am Montag, den 03. Juni 2019

The LLC hosts an exhibition of the seven science comics produced by doctoral candidates of the University of Luxembourg until 30 June 2019.

The comics focus on research topics in Luxembourg, covering the fields of mathematics, physics, computer science and biology. They show the science of every-day-to-day tasks and tell stories about important research findings as well as current research projects.

All told, 22 doctoral candidates of the Doctoral School of Science and Engineering (DSSE) developed the comics within the framework of an outreach activity by the Doctoral Education in Science Communication project (DESCOM). Together with many more people involved, the comics have been produced to inspire high-school students for science.

To raise awareness to the comics, they will be displayed in the Welcome Zone of the Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC). All people interested in reading the comics or learning more about research in Luxembourg, are invited to visit the exhibition and give us their feedback. You can also read a hard copy of the comics in the comic section of the LLC on the third floor or download the whole comic booklet here.

DESCOM aims to support interactions between academia and the public by providing different modes of training in science communication. The project was launched in 2018 with the support of the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and the DSSE.