Reliable Networked Energy Systems Lab

Jürgen Sachau

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Jürgen Sachau, head of Reliable Networked Energy Systems Lab

  • Jürgen Sachau, head of Reliable Networked Energy Systems Lab

Djamila Aouada Shapify Team

Djamila Aouada and her team work on body modelling with ARTEC 3D

SnT Spin-offs


At the CubeSat lab students design and build a satellite mission


The LunaLab simulates the surface of the moon

2018 Drones Lab

Developing UAV technology at the Drones lab

2018 Diversity

SnT brings together experts in ICT from over 60 different countries

2018 Lionel Briand

Software engineer Lionel Briand is one of three ERC Advanced Grant recipients at SnT

2018 360 Lab

SnT's 360 Lab is the first thematic research laboratory focusing on smart mobility

Bjorn Ottersten 2018

SnT Director Björn Ottersten