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Economics & Management in Society

Contribution to Luxembourg

Department of Economics and Management members contribute to the dissemination of the most recent findings in economic research. They also participate in public economic debates through interviews and newspaper articles.

Research at the Department of Economics and Managementfocuses on small open economies like Luxembourg and gives independent and academic insight into economic issues.

The Department of Economics and Management also maintains connections and involvement with local institutions like STATEC, CEPS, BCL or the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, as well as European and International institutions such as the World Bank, OECD, IMF, EIB.

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Newspapers 2019-2020

  • Blick in den Abgrund- Vom Black Friday bis zur Corona-Pandemie -wie Wirtschaftskrisen die Welt verändern ("Gazing into the Abyss  - How Economic Crises changed the World from Black Friday to the Corona Pandemic")
    Interview of Andreas Irmen, Luxemburger Wort, 6 Aug. 2020
  • Zur Zukunft der Telearbeit
    Article by Andre Bauler and Andreas Irmen, Luxemburger Wort,
  • Die angst vor der inflation
    Interview of Andreas Irmen by Thomas Klein, Luxemburger Wort, 4 May 2020
  • Digitalisierung ist kein Hobby
    Article by Uta Neumann, AHK Debelux Magazine, December 2019/January 2020
  • Künstliche Intelligenz – Immer noch eine Blackbox?
    Interview of Benny Mantin by Uta Neumann ,AHK Debelux Magazine, December 2019/January 2020
  • L’essor des banques panafricaines a d’abord profité aux entreprises et aux ménages les plus riches.
    Article by Florian Leon and A. Zins,, May 2019
  • Mieux Comprendre le choix de demande d’asile au Luxembourg.
    Article by Majlinda Joxhe, Lëtzebuerger Land, March 2019
  • Quelle place pour la divulgation volontaire des entreprises dans le choix de la source de dettes ?
    Article by Imen Derouiche,Lëtzebuerger Land, 2019