Activities & Projects

Several members of FDEF’s Research Unit in Law undertake individual research concerning Luxembourg Civil Law. For some of them, civil law is their main area of academic research. For others, civil law is an integral part of their research in other areas of law – such as, consumer law, commercial law, labour law, or civil procedure –, insofar as specific rules in such fields find their bases in general rules of civil law – e.g. contract law, tort law, property law, and the law of security – while, simultaneously, civil law influences those areas’ continuing evolution.

Common Contributions

Many of our team members, who come to the University of Luxembourg from a variety of prestigious foreign universities, have already published important works on the civil law of their country of origin (mainly French civil law) and some may even continue their work in that area. However, since taking positions at the University of Luxembourg, all of our team members devote a large part of their research activities to Luxembourg law, particularly by contributing to Luxembourg’s two most important general law journals:

Recent and Future Releases

In addition, members of our group recently published two important volumes on Luxembourg civil law:

  • G. Ravarani, La responsabilité civile, 3rd ed., 2014;
  • O. Poelmans, Droit des obligations au Luxembourg, 2013.

Several textbooks and other significant works are also expected to be published in the next couple of years, including:

  • P. Ancel, Contrats et obligations conventionnelles;
  • S. Menetrey, Droit processuel;
  • F. Hilger, Droit de la famille.

Apart from such publications, the civil law specialists in FDEF’s Research Unit in Law have recently decided to undertake a new type of collective legal research and development activity. For the first time, our members will offer workshops on topical issues, to which interested lawyers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region will be invited. The group’s first such workshop, devoted to Belgium’s reform of its law of security and the potential influence that reform may have in Luxembourg, is scheduled for the second semester of 2015. Some activities may be undertaken in connection with the group of European Private Law (EUROPRILEX).