Estelle Evrard

Estelle Evrard

Postdoctoral researcher

Fakultät oder Zentrum Fakultät für Geisteswissenschaften, Erziehungswissenschaften und Sozialwissenschaften
Department Fachbereich Geographie und Raumplanung
Postadresse Université du Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines
11, Porte des Sciences
L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette
Büroadresse MSH, E02 15-090
Telefon (+352) 46 66 44 9578
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 39578

Dr, Collaboratrice de recherche

Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning 

Internal Fellow, Robert Schuman Institute of European Affairs

Ph.D. 2013, institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Luxembourg
Master in European law, 2006, Institute of European studies, Free University of Brussels

Research Interests

  • European integration
  • Border studies (Grande Région)
  • European Cohesion policy 
  • European spatial planning
  • Territorial governance 

Current projects

  • RELOCAL - Resituating the Local in Cohesion and Territorial Development, (2016-2020), Horizon 2020, Member of the UL team in charge of the WP ‘Regional Autonomy and Spatial Justice’
  • Border studies - Europäisches Kompetenz- und Wissenszentrum für Grenzraumforschung (European Center for Excellence and Knowledge in Border Studies), (2018-2020), INTERREG V A Greater Region, Project partner

Further activities

  • Member of the working group « Spatial Planning » of the University of the Greater Region



  • French (1st language)
  • English (fluent in written and spoken)
  • German (fluent in written and spoken)

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Work Experience

  • 03.2013-present: Collaboratrice de recherche, University of Luxembourg
  • 03.2008-02.2013: Research associate, University of Luxembourg
  • 2007: Trainee, ESPON coordination Unit, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • 2006: Trainee, European Parliament, office of the MEP Jean-Marie Beaupuy, Brussels


  • 2013: “Cross-border supraregionalisation? – Greater Region Saar-Lor-Lux”, Ph.D. in geography under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Christian Schulz, University of Luxembourg
  • 2006: Master’s degree in European law with emphasis on EU regional policy from a legal and political perspective, Institute of European studies, Free University of Brussels
  • 2005: 1st  year of Master’s degree in European law, University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne
  • 2003: Bachelor in law, University of Le Havre and Vienna (in the framework of the Erasmus programme)

Last updated on: 03 Jul 2018

Teaching (most recent)

Teaching responsibilities

  • “Introduction to the European Integration”, 30h, Master 1 in Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Luxembourg. As from Winter Semester 2017 onwards, the class is also taught to students registered in the Master in Border Studies (30h, in English)
  • Introduction to Border Studies in Geography, Master 1 in Geography and Spatial Planning and Master 1 in Border Studies, University of Luxembourg, together with Prof. B. Nienaber (30h, in English)

Guest lectures and seminars

  • Guest lecture: EU-Integration und Raumfragen – mehr als das Ja und Nein zu Grenzkontrollen, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg - Visiting Professorship Programme (09.-20.11.2016)
  • The European Union through the prism of geography. Border – Cooperation – Convergence, International summer school, (3h, in English, July 2017)
  • Governance in European cross-border areas: the example of the Greater Region SaarLorLux, Master 2 in Urban and regional planningUniversity of Lille I(Resp. Thomas Perrin, 6h, in English, since winter semester 2015)
  • From research to policy and back: The European Territorial Observation Network (ESPON), Master 2 in Urban and regional planning, University of Lille I, Resp. T. Perrin (2h, in English, since winter semester 2017)
  • Fakten und Trends in den Sektoren Wirtschaft, Bewölkerung und Siedlungsentwicklung in der Großregion und Luxemburg, Lifelong learning in spatial planning (Resp. B. Nienaber, 4h, in French and German, since winter semester 2015)
  • Cross-border territoriality, Master in Geography and Spatial Planning (Resp. M. Hesse; G. Caruso), University of Luxembourg (1h30; in English, 09.10.13)
  • The Great Game of EU structural funds (Serious game involving about 40 Master students simulating the negotiation and voting of EU structural funds at the European Council), MOOCs and Workshops in Geographical Modelling, ERASMUS+ project involving 9 European universities, Resp. G. Caruso (4h, in English, spring semester 2016), in cooperation with M. Le Texier

Conference Presentations (most recent)

  • EVRARD, E. (29.06.2017): Thoughts for analysing cross-border regions through mutual learning and reflexibility, Keynote speech, RSA ReHi Workshop "Cross-border regions & inter-regional policy transfer in the past, present and future", Conference conveyor: Sara Svensson  
  • EVRARD, E. (06.07.2016): Crafting spaces through the “place-based approach”? The example of the EU cohesion policy, Chair: Nathalie Papanastasiou, Interpretative Policy Analysis annual conference, Hull.
  • EVRARD, E. (27.06.2016): Le Freeport Luxembourg, Seminar: Zones, Clusters, Nodes – Tracing Concrete Places and Policies, co-organised with Ezio Puglia, Esch-Belval, University of Luxembourg
  • EVRARD, E. (06.11.15): The EGTC: Towards a supra regional level of governance? Case study: Greater Region SaarLorLux, Workshop "EU Cohesion Policy: Focus on The Territorial Dimension", The RSA Research network on Cohesion Policy, Lisbon
  • EVRARD, E. (02.09.15): Place-based approach: Institutionalising soft space?, Session “A cohesive Europe in 2020 – New instruments, new concepts, new territories”, Chair: Peter Schmitt, Péter Balogh, EuGeo, Budapest
  • EVRARD, E. (08.07.15): L’espace frontalier, région en construction?, Session Zone frontière, coopération transfrontalière: reconfiguration scalaires et innovation; Chair: Bernard Reitel, François Moullé, ASRLDP, Montpellier
  • EVRARD, E. (21.08.14): Taking a step further in understanding EU territoriality: What can we learn from cross-border cooperation, Session “European integration: territoriality”, Chair: V. Mamadouh, IGU (International Geographical Union Regional conference), Krakow
  • EVRARD, E. (30.06.14): Interroger le cadre national: Réflexions sur la notion de région, Les régions et la politique de cohésion de l’UE, Conference organised by the Jean Monnet Centre at the University of Rennes, Rennes
  • EVRARD, E. (09.06.14): The EGTC: (b)ordering tool as a basis for cross-border territoriality? , Session ”Cross-border cooperation in Europe”, Chair: M. W. Kozak, Association for Borderlands Studies, World conference, Joensuu, Saint Petersbourg

Organisation of Roundtable discussions (most recent)

Last updated on: 30 Jan 2018

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Articles published in scientific periodicals

Full Text
See detailMarché du travail transfrontalier : négocier avec les frontières à l’heure de la crise sanitaire COVID-19
Pigeron-Piroth, Isabelle; Evrard, Estelle; Belkacem, Rachid

in Borders in Perspective (2020), 4

Full Text
See detailDéveloppement territorial + autonomie locale = (in)justice spatiale ?
Blondel, Cyril; Evrard, Estelle

in Justice Spatiale - Spatial Justice (2019), 13

Full Text
See detailTerritorial development + Local autonomy = Spatial (in)justice?
Blondel, Cyril; Evrard, Estelle

in Justice Spatiale - Spatial Justice (2019), 13

Full Text
See detailThe Temporary Reintroduction of Border Controls Inside the Schengen Area: Towards a Spatial Perspective
Evrard, Estelle; Nienaber, Birte; Sommarribas, Adolfo

in Journal of Borderlands Studies (2018)

See detailLe Freeport Luxembourg. Logistique, pure valeur et volatilisation de l’œuvre d’art
Puglia, Ezio; Evrard, Estelle

in Esprit (Paris, France : 1932) (2016)

Full Text
See detailESPON - From spatial observation to policy oriented output?
Evrard, Estelle; Schulz, Christian; Nienaber, Birte

in Europa Regional (2015), 21(4), 158-164

Full Text
See detailRaising Sustainability
Carr, Constance; Becker, Tom; Evrard, Estelle; Nienaber, Birte; Roos, Ursula; Mcdonough, Evan; Hesse, Markus; Krueger, Rob

in Planning Theory & Practice (2015)

Full Text
See detailL'espace frontalier, région en construction
Evrard, Estelle

in Belgeo (2013), 1

Full Text
See detailOn the Territoriality of Cross-Border Cooperation: “Institutional Mapping” in a Multi-Level Context
Chilla, Tobias; Evrard, Estelle; Schulz, Christian

in European Planning Studies (2012), 20(6), 961-980

Full Text
See detailMetropolregionen in grenzüberschreitenden Räumen
Chilla, Tobias; Evrard, Estelle; Schulz, Christian

in Geographische Rundschau (2010), 62(11), 22-30

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Scientific congresses, symposiums and conference proceedings – Papers published in a journal

Full Text
See detailJSSJ Meets RELOCAL – Mobilizations, Meaning and Uses of the Concept of Spatial Justice in a European Research Project
Blondel, Cyril; Evrard, Estelle; Németh, Sarolta; Noguera, Laura

in Justice Spatiale - Spatial Justice (2019), 13

Full Text
See detailJSSJ rencontre RELOCAL – Mobilisations, sens et usages du concept de justice spatiale dans un projet de recherche européen
Blondel, Cyril; Evrard, Estelle; Németh, Sarolta; Noguera, Laura

in Justice Spatiale - Spatial Justice (2019), 13(Espace public), 1-13

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Books published as author, translator, etc.

Full Text
See detailLa Grande Région Saar-Lor-Lux : Vers une suprarégionalisation transfrontalière ?
Evrard, Estelle

Book published by Presses Universitaires de Rennes (2017)

Full Text
See detailMetroborder Cross-border Polycentric Metropolitan Regions
Chilla, Tobias; Evrard, Estelle; Schulz, Christian; Decoville, Antoine; Durand, Frédéric; El Maslohi, Anasse; Sohn, Christophe; Walther, Olivier; Perlik, Manfred; Peeters, Didier; Vandermotten, Christian

Book published by ESPON & University of Luxembourg (2010)

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Contributions to collective works

See detailLa réintroduction des contrôles frontaliers dans l’Espace Schengen. Réflexions préliminaires pour un agenda de recherche
Evrard, Estelle; Sommarribas, Adolfo; Nienaber, Birte

in Hamez, Grégory; Defays, Jean-Marc (Eds.) Réalités, perceptions et représentations des frontières. L’Espace transfrontalier de la Grande Région Saare-Lor-Lux, (2020)

Full Text
See detailTaking stock of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC): from policy formulation to policy implementation
Evrard, Estelle; Engl, Alice

in Medeiros, Eduardo (Ed.) European Territorial Cooperation : Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to the Process and Impacts of Cross-Border and Transnational Cooperation in Europe (2018)

Full Text
See detailL'approche territorialisée dans la politique de cohésion 2014-2020: enjeux et perspectives pour les chercheurs et praticiens
Evrard, Estelle

in Baudelle, Guy; Charles-Le Bihan, Danielle (Eds.) Les régions et la politique de cohésion de l’Union européenne (2017)

Full Text
See detailEncapsulating the Significance of the EGTC for Territorial Cooperation: A literature review and tentative research agenda
Evrard, Estelle

in Medeiros, Eduardo (Ed.) Uncovering the Territorial Dimension of European Union Cohesion Policy - Cohesion, Development, Impact Assessment and Cooperation (2017)

Full Text
See detailVers une région métropolitaine polycentrique? Enjeux d'un aménagement du territoire transfrontalier
Evrard, Estelle; Schulz, Christian

in Wille, Christian (Ed.) Lebenswirklichkeiten und politische Konstruktionen in Grenzregionen. Das Beispiel der Großregion Saar-Lor-Lux. Wirtschaft - Politik - Alltag - Kultur (2015)

Full Text
See detailThe Delphi method in ESPON: State of the art, innovations and thoughts for future developments
Evrard, Estelle; Chilla, Tobias; Schulz, Christian

in Science in support of European Territorial Development (2014)

Full Text
See detailLa gouvernance transfrontalière - territoire(s) et territorialité(s)
Chilla, Tobias; Evrard, Estelle; Schulz, Christian

in Belkacem, Rachid, Pigeron-Piroth, Isabelle (Ed.) Le travail frontalier au sein de la Grande Région Saar-Lor-Lux Pratiques, enjeux et perspectives (2012)

Full Text
See detailConstruire une “nouvelle” région transfrontalière - Représentations d’un projet politique
Evrard, Estelle; Chilla, Tobias

in Koukoutsaki-Monnier, Angeliki (Ed.) Représentations du transfrontalier (2011)

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Scientific congresses, symposiums and conference proceedings – Papers published in a book

Full Text
See detailSpatial integration revisited - new insights for cross-border and transnational contexts
Chilla, Tobias; Evrard, Estelle

in ESPON in support of European Territorial Development and Cohesion (2014, February)

See detailAsymétries institutionnelles et territoriales: Quelles conséquences pour la gouvernance transfrontalière?
Evrard, Estelle; Chilla, Tobias

in Beck, Joachim; Wassenberg, Birte (Eds.) Vivre et penser la coopération transfrontalière (volume 6): Vers une cohésion territoriale? (2014)

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E-Prints/Working papers – already available on another site

See detailTerritorial patterns and relations in Austria
Szendrei, Greta; Evrard, Estelle; Nienaber, Birte; Bissinger, Jutta

E-print/Working paper (2020)

Full Text
See detailTravail frontalier et fermeture des frontières : l’exemple de la Grande Région SaarLorLux
Pigeron-Piroth, Isabelle; Evrard, Estelle; Belkacem, rachid

E-print/Working paper (2020)

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Book Reviews

Full Text
See detailThomas Vercruysse (dir.), Luxembourg – Ville créative, Capybara Books 2015, 269 p.
Evrard, Estelle

in Hemecht: Zeitschrift für Luxemburger Geschichte (2019), 3

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Scientific congresses, symposiums and conference proceedings – Unpublished conferences

See detailThe reintroduction of border controls in the Schengen Area - some thoughts from the Greater region SaarLorLux
Nienaber, Birte; Evrard, Estelle; Sommarribas, Adolfo

Scientific Conference (2017, March 21)

See detailMobilités de travail et de résidence : vers une territorialité transfrontalière?
Evrard, Estelle; Nienaber, Birte; Pigeron-Piroth, Isabelle

Scientific Conference (2014, November 06)

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External Reports

Full Text
See detailESPON on the road - Bringing closer ESPON evidence for decision making
Breuer, Ina; Radvanski, Adam; Schön, Karl Peter; Schmidt-Seiwert, Volker; Celinska-Janowicz, Dorota; Wojnar, Katarzyna; Hoffmann, Csilla; Péti, Márton; Miklavčič, Tomaž; Coronato, Maria; D'Orazio, Angela; Prezioso, Maria; Kyvelou, Stella; Avgoulidou, Theodora; Marava, Nektaria; Feredj, Amel; Tudora, Daniel; de Carvalho Cantergiani, Carolina; Johansson, Mats; Burinskienė, Marija; Lazauskaitė, Dovilė; Gūtmane, Zane; Strauhs, Ronalds; Roose, Antti; Eskelinen, Heikki; Hirvonen, Timo; Fritsch, Matti; Þór Eyþórsson, Grétar; Jóhannesson, Hjalti; Evrard, Estelle; Nienaber, Birte; Mosbach, Annabelle; Roos, Ursula; Biot, Valérie; Janssen, Sam; Boyle, Mark; Harris, Michael; Pendlebury, David; Pinoncely, Victoria

Report (2015)

Full Text
See detailResearch & Innovation: Which priorities for structural funds in Luxembourg
Evrard, Estelle; Hachmann, Verena; Schulz, Christian

Report (2013)

Full Text
See detailGuidelines for the dissemination of ESPON results in different spatial contexts
Hohmann, Kirsten; Schmidt-Seiwert, Volker; Schön, Karl Peter; Evrard, Estelle; Pena, Andrés; Hoffmann, Csilla; Szanko, Gergö; Barras, Juliane Marie; Kellenberger, Marco; Dallhammner, Erich; Kaiser, Pia; Tordy, Joanne

Report (2013)

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Reports – Other

Full Text
See detailNational report: France
Evrard, Estelle; Blondel, Cyril

Report (2019)

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Doctoral Theses

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Articles for the General Public

See detail#COVID19-How local and regional authorities respond to the crisis:The case of Luxembourg
Szendrei, Greta; Evrard, Estelle; Nienaber, Birte

Article for general public (2020)

Full Text
See detailBrexit: Mind the gap! Die Bedeutung regionaler Disparitäten auf politische Weichenstellungen
Bissinger, Jutta; Evrard, Estelle

Article for general public (2017)

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Conferences given outside the academic context

See detailWieder-Errichtung von Grenzkontrollen in Europa? Einige Gedanken zur Großregion
Nienaber, Birte; Evrard, Estelle; Sommarribas, Adolfo

Conference given outside the academic context (2017)

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Diverse Speeches and Writings – Other

Full Text
See detailL’aménagement du territoire transfrontalier en pratique: Réflexions pour un dialogue entre chercheurs et praticiens de la Grande Région
Bechtold, Joshua; Caesar, Beate; Christmann, Nathalie; Dorkel, Nicolas; Evrard, Estelle; Heinen, Susanne; Morel-Doridat, Frédérique; Reichert-Schick, Anja

Diverse speeches and writings (2018)

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