6th Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ)

The Institute for Research on Socio-Economic Inequality (IRSEI) of the University of Luxembourg was pleased to host the Sixth Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ) . The conference was organized at Campus Kirchberg, from July 13th to July 15th 2015. 

This conference aimed to promote academic debate and the exchange of opinions regarding inequality, poverty, and other topics of common interest, and through this exchange encourage the worldwide dissemination of the results of academic research and practical experience in this field. ECINEQ sets high standards in both the selection of topics and debates, whether they cover theoretical issues, empirical analyses or the implementation of policies.

More than 220 participants have had the opportunity to present the results of their research during the conference, which was structured into three blocks of eight parallel sessions per day.

During the conference, three renowned researchers in the field of distributive analysis gave plenary lectures.


ECINEQ Stephen Jenkins



Stephen Jenkins, London School of Economics : To what extent has income inequality increased? Some data issues

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ECINEQ Martin Ravallion



Martin Ravallion, Georgetown University : Inequality when effort matters

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ECINEQ Branko Milanovic



 Branko Milanovic, City University of New York :The current trends in global inequality and their political implications

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Janet Gornick


Gordon Anderson










ECINEQ Janet Gornick



ECINEQ Gordon Anderson


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