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Interdisciplinary Lab for Intelligent and Adaptive Systems (ILIAS)

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The research and teaching activities of ILIAS are concerned with Artificial intelligence, the theoretical foundations and the algorithmic realization of information processing (e.g., for Machine Learning, Decision Support, Big Data Management), and Reasoning in complex and dynamic environments given limited resources and incomplete or uncertain information. ILIAS encompasses several overlapping subthemes and their corresponding topics:

Robots play Football

we would like encouraging students to join the Luxembourg United-RoboFootball Team and to contribute to it by an interdisciplinary research in fields that concern, for example, the recognition of objects in a football scenery, the understanding of a scenery, the planning of actions, the development of a strategy, the communication between robots via natural languageor others.

Excellent project suggestions will be supported by a financial grant for the duration of up to 6 months. In case that a thesis project (in particular: Master; eventually Bachelor) can be combined, then the best thesis projects receive a financial price instead.
In case of interest, please send a message with subject line "Luxembourg United" to both Prof Holger Voos (SnT; Email: and Prof Christoph Schommer (ILIAS; Email: until the 1st of FebruaryThe email should contain a brief description of a project (= problem statement) of up to 1 page plus a short CV (1 page max). If there are questions, do not hesitate contacting us.
An official begin is foreseen to the 19th of February 2018. The project is a common activitiy between SnTand the ILIAS Research Lab (AI Lab).

Download the Final Booklet of the ILIAS Distinguished Lecture Series 2017


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