Outreach activities

Since April 2016, the Mathematics Research Unit (RMATH) organises regular workshops in the frame of the Scienteens Lab.

Entitled “Keep a secret? Thanks to Number Theory!”, the Scienteens Lab workshop in mathematics consists in a one-day workshop during which secondary school students discover how number theory is applied for securing communication.

Students will tackle different mathematical concepts:

  • the Euclidean division (division with remainder)
  • the greatest common divisor
  • the extended Euclidean algorithm

This workshop is offered for entire classes from classical (3e, 2e, 1ère) and technical (11e, 12e, 13e) high schools in Luxembourg. The workshop takes place from 9:00 until 15:30 on Belval campus and is facilitated by Dr. Thierry MeyrathDavid Kieffer with the support of professor Gabor Wiese and Dr. Bruno Teheux.

You can find more information under the following link or register directly for a workshop by clicking here