Josh Berryman

Josh Berryman

Research scientist

Fakultät oder Zentrum Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication
Forschungseinheit RU Physics and Materials Science
Postadresse Campus Limpertsberg, Université du Luxembourg
162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg
Büroadresse BRB 2.02
Telefon (+352) 46 66 44 6971
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 36971
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Articles published in scientific periodicals

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See detailKinetic Control of Parallel versus Antiparallel Amyloid Aggregation via Shape of the Growing Aggregate
Hakami Zanjani, Ali Asghar; Reynolds, Nicholas; Zhang, Afang; Schilling, Tanja; Mezzenga, Raffaele; Berryman, Josh

in Nature Scientific Reports (2019)

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See detailCompetition between crystal and fibril formation in molecular mutations of amyloidogenic peptides
Reynolds, Nicholas; Adamcik, Jozef; Berryman, Josh; Handschin, Stephan; Hakami Zanjani, Ali Asghar; Li, Wen; Liu, Kun; Zhang, Afang; Mezzenga, Raffaele

in Nature Communications (2017), 8

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See detailThe early crystal nucleation process in hard spheres shows synchronised ordering and densification
Berryman, Josh; Anwar, Muhammad; Dorosz, Sven; Schilling, Tanja

in Journal of Chemical Physics (2016), 145

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See detailAbsolute Free Energies for Biomolecules in Implicit or Explicit Solvent
Berryman, Josh; Schilling, Tanja

in Physics Procedia (2014), 57

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See detailILQINS hexapeptide, identified in lysozyme left-handed helical ribbons and nanotubes, forms right-handed helical ribbons and crystals.
Lara, Cecile; Reynolds, Nicholas; Berryman, Josh; Xu, Anqui; Zhang, Afang; Mezzenga, Raffaele

in Journal of the American Chemical Society (2014), 136(12), 4732-4739

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See detailCrystal nucleation mechanism in melts of short polymer chains under quiescent conditions and under shear flow
Anwar, Muhammad; Berryman, Josh; Schilling, Tanja

in Journal of Chemical Physics (2014), (141), 124910

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See detailThe Flexible Rare Event Sampling Harness System (FRESHS)
Kratzer, Kai; Berryman, Josh; Taudt, Aaron; Zeman, Johannes; Arnold, Axel

in Computer Physics Communications (2014)

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See detailSystematic examination of polymorphism in amyloid fibrils by molecular-dynamics simulation.
Berryman, Josh; Radford, Sheena E.; Harris, Sarah A.

in Biophysical Journal (2011), 100(9), 2234-2242

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See detailA general algorithm for sampling rare events in non-equilibrium and non-stationary systems
Berryman, Josh; Schilling, Tanja

in Journal of Chemical Physics (2010), 133

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See detailConsiderations in experimental and theoretical collision cross-section measurements of small molecules using travelling wave ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry
Knapman, Tom W.; Berryman, Josh; Campuzano, Iain; Harris, Sarah A.; Ashcroft, Alison E.

in International Journal of Mass Spectrometry (2010), 298(1-3), 17-23

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See detailThermodynamic Description of Polymorphism in Q- and N-Rich Peptide Aggregates Revealed by Atomistic Simulation
Berryman, Josh; Radford, Sheena E.; Harris, Sarah A.

in Biophysical Journal (2009), 97(1), 1-11

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See detailDeciphering drift time measurements from travelling wave ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry studies
Smith, David P.; Knapman, Tom W.; Campuzano, Iain; Malham, Richard W.; Berryman, Josh; Radford, Sheena E.; Ashcroft, Alison E.

in European Journal of Mass Spectrometry (Chichester, England) (2009), 15(2), 113-130

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Books published as author, translator, etc.

See detailAmber 14
Case, D. A.; Babin, V.; Berryman, Josh; Betz, R. M.; Cai, Q.; Cerutti, D. S.; Cheatham III, T. E.; Darden, T. A.; Duke, R. E.; Gohlke, H.; Goetz, A. W.; Gusarov, S.; Homeyer, N.; Janowski, P.; Kaus, J.; Kolossváry, I.; Kovalenko, A.; Lee, T. S.; LeGrand, S.; Luchko, T.; Luo, R.; Madej, B.; Merz, K. M.; Paesani, F.; Roe, D. R.; Roitberg, A.; Sagui, C.; Salomon-Ferrer, R.; Seabra, G.; Simmerling, C. L.; Smith, W.; Swails, J.; Walker, R. C.; Wang, J.; Wolf, R. M.; Wu, X.; Kollman, P. A.

Book published by University of California (2014)

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Scientific congresses, symposiums and conference proceedings – Papers published in a book

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See detailPrediction of Twist of Amyloid Fibrils Using Molecular Dynamics
Berryman, Josh; Radford, S.; Harris, S.

in Proceedings of the NIC Workshop 2008 (2008)

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