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Dependable Real-time Systems

Mobile adhoc networks (MANETs) are intended to provide communication services with no fixed infrastructure. These networks present interesting research challenges that arise from the inherent properties of mobile nodes, limited wireless spectrum and disruptions in the dynamically built connections. Since all nodes are expected to act as routers, service providers, and subscribers, there are interesting instances of classical distributed systems problems to solve; in some cases with constraints on limited resources (energy, bandwidth, computation time, memory).

A further development of the research on adhoc networks treats disruption-tolerant networks (or delay-tolerant networks), so called DTNs, in which there is no guarantee that a path exists between any two nodes in the network at any point in time. Dependable services in MANETs and DTNs require solving the problems of security and resource allocation in an efficient and distributed manner, quantifying the expected delay or throughput of a network as metrics for reliability. In the team led by Simin Nadjm-Tehrani there are two PhD projects defined with the above themes: Gabriel Sandulescu (resource allocation in DTNs) and Yan Zhang (intrusion detection in MANETs).