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Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems Concepts


In recent years, the term Artificial Intelligence has taken on a new meaning. While the original idea of AI is still to understand and to artificially simulate human (cognitive) intelligence, applications of AI have become more and more important in recent years. This is definitely an excellent development, especially since AI of recent years has produced excellent results. And for the first time (after a short intermezzo of industrial interests in the 90s) a real sense of optimism can be felt: ever new AI companies are founded, governments, industry and academia invest in research and development projects and in a targeted knowledge transfer and with slogans like " AI for the Social Good" or "AI for Humans", we are all prepared for future developments.
Cognition is the fundament
Unfortunately, all too often, AI is equated with Machine Learning and/or categorized as a pure application area in connection with data masses (Data Science). Of course this is wrong. Instead, cognitive aspects are still the foundation that determines an intelligent world of tomorrow - in the sense of a coexistence of humans and machine. If we want to use AI, we must first understand how it works. And if we want to live with AI, we must have an AI that fits in our world. It is clear that we can only achieve this if we move towards each other. This concerns not only the gaining of acceptance of new techniques but also an openness and transparency of AI systems (Explainability) and an ethical-moral co-exhibitor (Responsibility and Ethics).

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