The mission of the CryptoLux group is to define, conduct, and disseminate leading-edge research in cryptology (and closely related fields), and to pass the knowledge gained from research on to students and industry partners. CryptoLux is one of the few academic research teams worldwide that possesses expertise across the full spectrum of cryptology, ranging from theoretical foundations to implementation aspects and applications. Our mission and objectives are devised in accordance with the three main goals of the University of Luxembourg, which are teaching, research and knowledge transfer at the highest international level. Members of CryptoLux collaborate with top research groups around the world. Our current research projects cover a wide variety of topics including algorithm design (block ciphers, hash functions, proofs of work), cryptanalysis, communication security and privacy enhancing technologies, financial technologies/blockchain, efficient implementations, side-channel attacks, and reverse engineering.

Emerging information and communication technologies, such as cryptocurrencies or the Internet of Things (IoT), pose a number of unique challenges related to the design and implementation of cryptographic primitives, which has initiated a large of body of research in these areas. Nonetheless, the number of cryptanalytic attacks (both traditional ones as well as side-channel attacks) is steadily increasing, and many of these attacks have led to devastating security breaches with fatal consequences. We envision CryptoLux to be in the forefront of an international research community that tackles these challenges and develops innovative solutions for complex security problems based on a solid cryptographic foundation. To achieve this, we strive for a greater understanding of how cryptosystems get broken (or otherwise fail) in the real world, how they can be designed and implemented to better resist attacks, and how they should be used to build secure systems and networks.

Laufende Forschungsprojekte

FinCrypt - Security, Scalability, and Privacy in Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts

Zeitrahmen: 1. August 2018 - 31. Juli 2021
Finanzierung: FNR - CORE
Teilnehmer: BIRYUKOV, Alexei (Projektleiter), BHAUMIK, Ritam (Post-Doc), FEHER, Daniel (Post-Doc), TIKHOMIROV, Sergei (Post-Doc), FU, Shange (PhD student), VITTO, Giuseppe (PhD student)


Blockchain technology gathered momentum with the popularity of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Being an interesting practical proposal which gained a large community of followers in the last 4 years Bitcoin can be seen as a testbed for ideas in the FinTech area. By now it is clear what Bitcoin ideas can …