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Parallel Computing and Optimisation Group


The Parallel Computing & Optimisation group is headed by Prof. Pascal Bouvry and Dr Grégoire Danoy as Deputy Head. The group  conducts research on parallel computing, search and optimization techniques, in particular new research topics include decentralized optimization techniques that nevertheless lead to a good global behavior of the system. The team is specialised in large-scale discrete/combinatorial problems.

The main application domains of the team fit the University of Luxembourg priorities:

  • Security, trust and reliability, for example, cryptology, intrusion detection, and reliable scheduling and routing on new generations of networks such as p2p, ad-hoc, and hybrids.
  • Unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV), Smart Cities
  • Sustainable development, for instance, Energy Efficient Data Centers
  • Systems biomedecine, for example, genomic sequencing, protein folding, genomic modeling

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