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European Network on Future Generation Optical Wireless Communication Technologies

Finanzierung: European Union > European Cooperation in Science & Technology Action
Anfangsdatum: 1. Mai 2020
Enddatum: 30. April 2024


The design of future wireless communication networks that cope with the ever-growing mobile data trafficas well as support varied and sophisticated services and applications in vertical sectors with alow environmental impact is recognized as a major technical challenge that European engineers face today.The COST Action NEWFOCUS will propose truly radical solutions with the potential to impact the design offuture wireless networks. Particularly, NEWFOCUS aims to establish optical wireless communications(OWC) as an efficient technology that can satisfy the demanding requirements of backhaul and accessnetwork levels in beyond 5G networks. This also includes the use of hybrid links that associate OWC withradiofrequency or wired/fiber-based technologies.Towards this vision, NEWFOCUS will carry out a comprehensive research programme under twomajor pillars. The first pillar is on the development of OWC-based solutions capable of delivering ubiquitous,ultra-high-speed, low-power consumption, highly secure, and low-cost wireless access in diverseapplication scenarios. The developed solutions will in particular support Internet-of-Things (IoT) for smartenvironments with applications in vertical sectors. The second pillar concerns the development of flexibleand efficient backhaul/fronthaul OWC links with low latency and compatible with access traffic growth.In addition to scientific and technological advances, NEWFOCUS will serve as a global networkingplatform through capacity building of all relevant stakeholders including universities, research institutions,major industry players, small medium enterprises, governmental bodies and non-governmentalorganisations. Within this rich consortium, NEWFOCUS will train experts to accompany related Europeanindustries for the standardisation and commercialization of the OWC technology.