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Security and Privacy for System Protection

Budget Code: R-AGR-3125
Finanzierung: Fonds National de la Recherche > PRIDE
Anfangsdatum: 1. Oktober 2016
Enddatum: 30. Juni 2023


The proposed Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) focuses on information security and privacy, including its storage, processing and transmission. Our Security and Privacy for System Protection (SP2) research program is set up by the leading researchers of DCS research unit and the Interdisciplinary Centre SnT at the University of Luxembourg. The SP2 program is designed to provide a high-quality research environment for PhD students and to strengthen the links between fundamental and applied research. In particular, research is organized in an interdisciplinary way along five themes where the most critical and pressing research challenges will be addressed:

  1. Number Theory, Cryptography and Cryptographic Protocols;
  2. Implementation of Cryptography;
  3. Internet Privacy;
  4. System Security;
  5. Socio-Technical Security.

In addition to the research program, our DTU offers a comprehensive training and career development program, with a strong quality control framework, that will not only ensure a high quality scientific output but also prepare our students for an excellent future career in academia, industry and governmental environment. We believe that our DTU's contributions will have a significant scientific, economical and societal impact and will realize strategic priorities of the involved institutions.