Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

SnT is a hub for technology with impact. We believe in bringing cutting-edge science together with today’s challenges to pioneer solutions for tomorrow.


SnT aims to be one of the world’s leading research and innovation centres in secure, reliable and trusted ICT systems and services. We attract talented scientists and engineers, innovative companies, and leading start-ups from all over the world to develop competitive solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and create meaningful socio-economic impact. Our global and local ecosystem encompasses multiple industries thanks to our interdisciplinary approach. We are your trusted partner for fundamental and applied research.


Excellence in research

We undertake research that contributes to the progress of science on the international stage. Our award-winning scientists collaborate on multiple large-scale European projects.

Focus on impact

Research can support the industry in solving the most pressing challenges society faces. We partner with public and private entities to solve today the challenges of tomorrow.


Driven by People

People are our biggest asset to drive progress through collaboration and excellence. We recruit globally in a highly selective manner, focusing on inclusion to foster diversity.


Interdisciplinary by nature

Our expert scientists collaborate on complex ICT challenges, addressing them from multiple technical and scientific viewpoints.