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Group < a > Invests in SnT Spin-off Motion-S

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Veröffentlicht am Mittwoch, den 09. Juni 2021

Motion-S, a leading data driven behaviour analytics provider in mobility, and first spin-off of SnT, has joined forces with Group < a >. Their industrial partnership will see Group < a >, a Columbia based, family-owned business specialising in automotive, real estate, mining and construction, become a new shareholder to help Motion-S boost their solutions for the automotive industry.

Announced in a press release today, German Castignani – CEO and Co-Founder of Motion-S – stated, “Motion-S’ goal is to enable unified visibility on the total costs of mobility of their customers. This investment lets us continue on our mission to build smart solutions with further integration of data providers and platforms, as well as to develop new mobility profiling algorithms to better explain mobility costs.” As a leading auto-parts manufacturer and supplier across the Americas, Group < a > will be an industrial investor, that will enable Motion-S to ‘revolutionise’ traditional automotive services through their data analytics.

Founded in 1932, Group < a > has been in the automotive industry in North and South America since 1952. As a manufacturer of parts such as steel and alloy wheels, dampers, leaf and coil springs, brake pads, stabiliser bars and clutches, Group < a >’s current operations are located in the Western Hemisphere. Their Head of Innovation, Hares Neme, said, “We are thrilled to join forces with Motion-S. This partnership will further consolidate our path to service the future of mobility by bringing forth connected products and services that are better aligned to the specific needs of our users and their surroundings.”

Since its inception in 2014, Motion-S has been a trusted partner for companies in the field of vehicle data analytics. Their analytics platform extracts location and car data from smartphones, trackers, databases and vehicle data platforms, and turns them into insights that assess risk, the health of a car, and eco-efficiency. These insights inform organisations from governmental administrations, to transport providers and insurers, and helps them to better understand mobility patterns. 

Group < a > becomes the second major investor into Motion-S, following the Fédération Belge de l'Automobile et du Cycle (FEBIAC), who became an institutional partner in 2018. With over 150 active members who together represent circa 250 brands in the automotive industry, FEBIAC are highly specialised in everything from mobility to technology and regulations. Their expertise over the last two years has helped to strengthen Motion-S’ position within the sector.