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José Soares on the Start of Luxembourg’s Economic Mission to Canada

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Veröffentlicht am Montag, den 20. Juni 2022

José Soares and Prof. Lionel Briand are in Canada this week participating in the Luxembourgish Economic mission to Canada. As representatives of the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) they will be meeting with potential new partners and strengthening the ties between the two countries.

In the run-up to the mission Soares shared a snapshot of what he thinks makes both countries unique, and how SnT can help both Canadian businesses and their public sector.

“Both countries are innovation focused with the work force, stability, and economic climate to give them an edge,” shared Soares via a LinkedIn post.  “And each government is dedicated to helping businesses expand and grow. We also share two common working languages, English and French, making it easy for us to collaborate.”

He continued by explaining some of the strengths of Luxembourg, and the potential for partnership between Canadian businesses and SnT:

“Found in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is the perfect gateway for innovative start-ups as well as established companies looking to expand their activities across the Atlantic. Our small nation is a connector, with an excellent digital infrastructure and world leading high-performance logistics.

Some things that make Luxembourg a unique place to do business are:

  • Running into government officials is ordinary
  • There are many targeted grants and subsidies to make research a priority, helping start-ups flourish and established companies to keep their market edge
  • Our new supercomputer, MeluXina, is ranked among the top 50 installations of its kind worldwide
  • We take tech seriously and are recognised as a leading data economy with strengths in connectivity, data processing capacity, and cybersecurity
  • Doing business here is fun! We are a small community always welcoming new members with open arms, just like Canada

Why I am excited to explore all the business potential Canada has to offer:

  • Canadian businesses have the same vision as Luxembourg for using technology to enhance their economy and daily life, and we are ready to transport our strengths to support this goal
  • The government is an enthusiastic supporter of innovation and research, and we are ready to partner with public entities to spur growth in Canada
  • Canadians looking to have a new challenge abroad would find a vibrant atmosphere in Luxembourg to start a business, move forward in their career, or take the next step in their education”

Read Soares' original post, and connect with him on LinkedIn here. Read more about Luxembourg's Ecnonomic mission to Canada here.