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Ashok Bandi

Ashok Bandi

Doctoral researcher

Fakultät oder Zentrum Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
Forschungseinheit SnT
Postadresse Université du Luxembourg
29, avenue JF Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg
Büroadresse JFK Building, E03-310
Telefon (+352) 46 66 44 5491
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 35491

Ashok Bandi received his Master’s degree from the National Institute of Technology, Trichy (NIT Trichy), India in 2012. He has worked for several years on Physical layer design and development for WLAN 802.11a/n/ac. His research interests are Sparse Signal Recovery and Wireless communications, focusing on modelling the structured sparsity in communication systems and efficient recovery of structured sparse signals. Ashok joins the Signal Processing & Satellite Communications group, SIGCOM, headed by Prof. Björn Ottersten and he will be advised by Prof. Björn Ottersten and Dr. Bhavani  Shankar MYSORE RAMA RAO. 

Last updated on: Dienstag, den 10. Juli 2018

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See detailA Joint Solution for Scheduling and Precoding in Multiuser MISO Downlink Channels
Bandi, Ashok; Shankar, Bhavani; Chatzinotas, Symeon; Ottersten, Björn

E-print/Working paper (2019)

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See detailA Novel Approach to Joint User Selection and Precoding for Multiuser MISO Downlink Channels
Bandi, Ashok

in Bandi, Ashok; Shankar, Bhavani; maleki, Sina; Chatzinotas, Symeon; Ottersten, Björn (Eds.) 6th IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, November 26–29, 2018 Anaheim, California, USA (2018, November 26)

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See detailSparsity-Aided Low-Implementation cost based On-Board beamforming Design for High Throughput Satellite Systems
Bandi, Ashok

in Bandi, Ashok; Joroughi, Vahid; Shankar, Bhavani; grotz, joel; Ottersten, Björn (Eds.) 9th Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems Conference (ASMS) and 15th Signal Processing for Space Communications Workshop (SPSC),Berlin, Sept. 10-12, 2018 (2018, September 10)

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See detailStructured Sparse Recovery Algorithms for Data Decoding in Media Based Modulation
Bandi, Ashok; Murthy, Chandra

in International Conference on Communications, Paris 21-25 May 2017 (2017, May 21)

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