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Haythem Chaker

Haythem Chaker

Doctoral researcher

Fakultät oder Zentrum Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
Department SigCom
Postadresse Université du Luxembourg
29, avenue JF Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg
Büroadresse JFK Building, E03-303
Telefon (+352) 46 66 44 6822

Haythem Chaker received his Master degree from the National Engineering School of Tunis (Tunisia) in co-graduation with the Master degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Paris-Descartes University, in 2019. His research interests are in wireless systems prototyping, focusing on dynamic beam-forming design and analysis through the use of new digital signal processing techniques and hardware demonstrations. Haythem joined the Signal Processing and Satellite Communications research group, SIGCOM, headed by Prof. Symeon Chatzinotas and Prof. Björn Ottersten and he will be advised by the former.

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See detailDynamic Beam-Layout Design for MEO High Throughput Satellite Systems
Chaker, Haythem; Chougrani, Houcine; Alves Martins, Wallace; Chatzinotas, Symeon; Grotz, Joel

Scientific Conference (2022, December 04)

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See detailMatching Traffic Demand in GEO Multibeam Satellites: The Joint Use of Dynamic Beamforming and Precoding Under Practical Constraints
Chaker, Haythem; Chougrani, Houcine; Alves Martins, Wallace; Chatzinotas, Symeon; Joel, Grotz

in IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting (2022)

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See detailJoint Linear Precoding and DFT Beamforming Design for Massive MIMO Satellite Communication
Ha, Vu Nguyen; Abdullah, Zaid; Eappen, Geoffrey; Merlano Duncan, Juan Carlos; Palisetty, Rakesh; Gonzalez Rios, Jorge Luis; Alves Martins, Wallace; Chou, Hung-Pu; Vasquez-Peralvo, Juan Andres; Garces Socarras, Luis Manuel; Chaker, Haythem; Chatzinotas, Symeon

in IEEE Global Communications Conference GLOBECOM 2022 (2022, December)

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See detailEnablers for Matching Demand in GEO Multi-Beam Satellites: Dynamic Beamforming, Precoding, or Both?
Chaker, Haythem; Maturo, Nicola; Chatzinotas, Symeon; Chougrani, Houcine; Alves Martins, Wallace; Grotz, Joel

Scientific Conference (2021, September 30)

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