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Dr. Oscar Cornejo

Oscar Cornejo

Research associate

Fakultät oder Zentrum Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
Department SVV
Postadresse Université du Luxembourg
29, avenue JF Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg
Büroadresse JFK Building, E01-125
Telefon (+352) 46 66 44 5376
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 35376

Oscar Cornejo Olivares received his PhD degree from the University of Milano - Bicocca (Italy), in 2019. He has been a visiting researcher at the GriSE group in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid where he worked on empirical software engineering. His research interests are in software engineering, focusing on field monitoring techniques, always in the sight of supporting software testing and analysis processes. Oscar Cornejo joined the Software Verification and Validation research group, V&V Lab, headed by Prof. Lionel Briand.

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See detailIn-The-Field Monitoring of Functional Calls: Is It Feasible?
Cornejo Olivares, Oscar Eduardo; Briola, Daniela; Micucci, Daniela; Mariani, Leonardo

in Journal of Systems and Software (2020)

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