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Salvatore Signorello

Salvatore Signorello
Postadresse Université du Luxembourg
2, Avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette

I am a third year PhD student at the SnT research centre in Luxembourg. I hold a master’s cum laude from the University of Catania (Italy) with a thesis on 6LoWPAN. After my master's  I worked as CNIT member on the network infrastructure of the Convergence EU-FP7 project (a publish-subscribe system on an Information-Centric Network) for two years. Now I am pursuing a joint PhD between the University of Luxembourg under the supervision of Dr. Radu State and INRIA/Nancy in France under the supervision of Prof. Olivier Festor. My PhD research focuses on Information-Centric Networking and, more generally, on programmable data-planes.
I am a member of the SEDAN research group at SnT as well as of the MADYNES research group at INRIA/Nancy in France. Since I spend time at both institutions working with both teams, it is better to check the “where to find me” tab to know my current position.


Are you interested in an internship or a bachelor/master's thesis project at SnT within the SEDAN team? You may check the “Student Projects” section to look at some projects I am currently proposing to prospective students and drop me an email if interested.

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I am broadly interested in the field of computer networking, although the focus of my PhD's research is on Information-Centric Networking (ICN). My thesis work focuses on forwarding mechanisms in a certain class of ICN architectures.

Last updated on: 13 Okt 2017

Upcoming events

 I have no current travel plans.


Past events

I presented our paper "Advanced Interest Flooding Attacks in Named-Data Networking" at the 16th IEEE-NCA conference in Cambridge (Boston, MA), 30th Oct - 1st Nov.

I gave a presentation about the P4 language at the netIP meetup in Wroclaw, Poland, on the 14th Sep. More details can be found here.

I attended the netFPGA Developers Summer School in Cambridge from the 24th to the 28th of June.

I gave a half-day hands-on lab on P4 at the next AIMS conference in Zurich on the 13th of July. A short description of the lab can be found here.

I gave a half-day seminar on P4 at the International Summer School on Latency Control for Internet of Services in Karlstad, Sweden, 26th June - 1st July.

I attended in the 2017 RESCOM summer school on "Virtualization and dehardwarization" held in Le Croisic, France, from the 19th to the 23th of June.

I attended the Dataplane Acceleration Developer Day organized by Open-NFP on the 7th of June at the SURFnet lab in Utrecht.

I was in Lisbon on the 12th May to give a half-day tutorial on P4 at the IEEE-IM conference.

I gave a full-day course on P4 at the School of Engineering in Information Technology TELECOM-Nancy on the 20th Mar.

I was visiting the MADYNES team at INRIA/Nancy-Grand-Est from the 22th of Nov to the 9th of Dec within the framework of the associate team MASDIN.

I was visiting the MADYNES team at INRIA/Nancy-Grand-Est from the 29th Aug to the 16th Sep within the framework of the associate team MASDIN.

I was in Tianjin (China) from 21 to 28 August to attend IEEE TrustCom-16 and present the paper "Security challenges in future NDN-enabled VANETs" at the EFINS workshop.

I was at the AGH University in Krakow on the 7th and 8th of July to give a tutorial on P4 and present my ongoing work within the context of the IDSECOM project meeting.

I was at Netsoft 2016 in Seoul, S. Korea, from the 6th to the 10th of June to:

  • give a tutorial on P4 whose description can be read from here
  • present the paper "NDN.p4: Programming Information-Centric data-planes" that was accepted at the IEEE workshop on Open-Source Software Networking (OSSN)

I was in Nancy on the 21st of April for the kick-off of the Masdin team. I gave a talk about my rather preliminary implementation of NDN in P4 whose slides are available at



Last updated on: 08 Jan 2018

Are you interested in experiencing a vibrant and multicultural working environment in Luxembourg while getting a first taste of the research done at the SnT? So, you should consider to apply for a paid internship or a master's thesis project within the SEDAN team. I am currently looking for some bachelor or master's students to work on some projects related to the following topics:


  • design and testing of countermeasures against Interest Flooding Attacks in Named-Data Networking,
  • implementing Information-Centric Networking behaviors on programmable data-planes,
  • novel forwarding mechanisms in NDN/CCN-like networks.


If you found some of the above topics interesting, I would encourage you to send me an email including your cv so to get more detail about the related currently-available projects. Moreover, I also welcome spontaneous project proposals on topics as long as those are related to subjects I think I can provide you some support on.

Last updated on: 08 Jan 2018

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Full Text
See detailAdvanced Interest Flooding Attacks in Named-Data Networking
Signorello, Salvatore; Marchal, Samuel; François, Jérôme; Festor, Olivier; State, Radu

Scientific Conference (2017, October 30)

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Full Text
See detailUnderstanding the Social impact of ICN: between myth and reality
Piro, Giuseppe; Signorello, Salvatore; Palattella, Maria Rita; Grieco, Luigi Alfredo; Boggia, Gennaro; Engel, Thomas

in AI & Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication (2016)

Full Text
See detailSecurity Challenges in future NDN-Enabled VANETs
Signorello, Salvatore; Palattella, Maria Rita; Grieco, Luigi Alfredo

in In the Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on the Emerging Future Internet and Network Security (EFINS 2016) - IEEE TrustCom-16 (2016, August)

Full Text
See detailNDN.p4: Programming Information-Centric data-planes
Signorello, Salvatore; State, Radu; François, Jérôme; Festor, Olivier

in Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Open-Source Software Networking at NetSoft2016 (2016)

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Full Text
See detailExploring IoT Protocols Through the Information-Centric Networking's Lens
Signorello, Salvatore; State, Radu; Festor, Olivier

in Intelligent Mechanisms for Network Configuration and Security (2015, June)

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