Strategy Lab

The Strategy Lab is a subgroup of APSIA that specializes in strategic reasoning and verification. We focus on the use of formal methods to model and reason about the possible behaviour of human participants in socio-technical systems, such as e-voting protocols. To achieve that, we use formalizations in agent logics, process algebras, and models of game theory.

Our research interests include:

  • Formal models of socio-technical systems
  • Formal specification and reasoning about strategies of users and adversaries in security protocols
  • Game theoretic models: players, threats, and incentives
  • Rational security and rational cryptography
  • Model checking of strategic properties in socio-technical systems
  • Quantum strategies and their relationship to quantum and post-quantum security


  • Wojtek Jamroga
  • Peter B. Roenne
  • Peter Y. A. Ryan
  • Masoud Tabatabaei
  • Marie-Laure Zollinger 
  • Yan Kim