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Award for first Step towards Unified Communications Standards

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Veröffentlicht am Mittwoch, den 25. Oktober 2017

Alireza Haqiqatnejad, PhD Candidate at the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security Reliability and Trust (SnT), has received the Best Student Paper Award at the prestigious AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC), in Trieste, Italy.

The paper, Unified Satellite and Terrestrial ACM Design, presents the first step towards the unification of the diverse standards currently governing satellite and terrestrial communications.

As the world’s 3.5 billion online user population continues to grow and consume data at an unprecedented rate, the systems we use to exchange information are coming under ever-increasing strain. An integrated standard for both satellite and terrestrial communications could play a significant role in addressing this issue, allowing the use of more compatible and cost-effective designs and also easing and accelerating the procedure of data delivery to end users.

Left to right: Ifiok Otung (ICSSC 2017 Technical Program Chair), Alireza Haqiqatnejad and Farbod Kayhan

‘An integrated standard might well provide the future of communication systems,’ says Dr. Farbod Kayhan, Haqiqatnejad’s co-supervisor at SnT’s SIGCOM Research Group, where the research is taking place. ‘In this paper we focus on the transmission format and our findings are exciting in that they show that it may be possible to preserve performance levels while unifying various standards.’

ICSSC is one of the oldest and most important conferences dedicated to satellite and aerospace communications, and this year marked its 35th edition. ‘As a PhD student, I’m only at the beginning of my research career, and this award is not only a great honour, but also a major incentive to continue pursuing my goals,’ says Haqiqatnejad. ‘My desire is to learn more, do innovative research and explore new areas to reach higher levels of knowledge in telecommunications. The SIGCOM Research Group is an inspiring environment to do this in.’

Haqiqatnejad received his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2012 from Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. He completed his M.Sc. degree in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Isfahan, Iran in 2015, and started at SnT in 2017 as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Björn Ottersten and Dr. Farbod Kayhan. His research interests include wireless communications, channel coding, and signal processing.