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DISBuS - Dynamic Beam Forming and In-band Signalling for Next Generation Satellite Systems

Project Description:

In this project, the consortium comprising of SnT and SES plans to develop a comprehensive framework that enables the performance optimization of the emerging generation of SES satellites equipped with on-board processing and dynamic beamforming capabilities. DISBuS (Dynamic Beam Forming and In-band Signalling for Next-Generation Satellite Systems) will develop and demonstrate two novel digital signal processing techniques: dynamic beam-forming through satellite active antenna arrays and accelerated in-band signalling for the feeder links. Based on the developments, the satellite operators will be able to quickly and reliably reconfigure the satellite in order to optimize both feeder and user link performance. In particular, the feeder link will be capable of efficiently multiplexing traffic across multiple dynamic beams, while the user link will intelligently focus the active antennas towards the areas with high traffic demand or mobile terminals. The three main objectives of this project are 1) Development of an optimization framework for the Digital Beam Forming Design, 2) Design of an efficient in-band signalling protocol, 3) Enhancement of the end-to-end real-time emulation platform available in the SnT Telecommunication laboratory in order to validate the newly developed techniques. The outcome of the project will bring these innovative technologies to high TRL (5-6) and pursue further valorisation in coordination with the industrial partner SES.

Figure 1: System Architecture and targeted scenarios

Figure 2: General diagram of the In-Lab demonstration testbed. For N user terminals and M radiating elements, where typically M>>N.

Project Partners:

  • SnT, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • SES, Luxembourg

Founding Source: FNR – Luxembourg National Research Fund – Bridges Program

Project Start Date: 1/2020

Project End Date: 12/2022

Project Team:

Project Manager: Prof. Symeon Chatzinotas

Research Team:

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