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HTS-DBS: High Throughput Digital Broadcasting Satellite Systems

Title: HTS-DBS: High Throughput Digital Broadcasting Satellite Systems
Funding source: European Space Agency, ARTES AT Program
Partners: SES S.A., FTA Inverto
Principal investigator: Dr. Symeon Chatzinotas
VPI: Dr. Sina Maleki
Researchers: Dr. Symeon Chatzinotas, Dr. Sina Maleki, Dr. Thang X. Vua
Starting date / Duration: July 2017, 18 months

This project aims to revisit the digital broadcasting use case on a basis of novel user requirements arising from recent non-linear trends in viewer habits as well as on the basis of a technology shift in video encoding and transmission and in the context of satellite architecture technology changes.

All of these aspects relate to a complex environment in which the broadcast application, traditionally a strong point of satellite applications, is revisited as an application use case. Commonly digital broadcast services experience very long technology update cycles in the industry, mainly because of the deployed user base and the strong desire to remain backwards compatible with older receiver equipment. In this project context we aim to abstract from that backwards compatibility requirement and revise how a novel approach can be conceived to revise the digital broadcast use case in the Satellite context. What are the key user requirements that should be targeted to remain competitive and how to integrate the digital broadcast use case in an overall satellite system that is designed for maximizing throughput for broadband applications?

Within this project, we revisit the use case of digital broadcasting and elaborate on the key performance “figure of merit” (FoM) indicators that key digital broadcast systems over Satellite should have. The goal is then to conclude on the system study with a report defining the requirements and then to demonstrate a use case experience in a lab setup.

Figure 1: Considered reference architecture for the file based broadcasting architecture. (On the gateway side there is also an optional caching server.)


Project Partners:

  1. SIGCOM, SnT, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  2. SES S.A., Betzdorf, Luxembourg
  3. FTA Inverto, Wecker, Luxembourg

Funding Details:

  • Funding Source: European Space Agency, ARTES AT Program
  • Project start date: July 2017
  • Expected End date: December 2018

Management Team:

  • PI: Dr. Symeon Chatzinotas (SnT)
  • Vice PI: Dr. Sina Maleki (SnT)

Research Team:

  • Dr. Symeon Chatzinotas (SnT)
  • Dr. Sina Maleki (SnT)
  • Dr. Thang X. Vu (SnT)

Industrial Collaborators:

  • Dr. Joel Grotz (SES)
  • Mr. Tom Christophery (SES)
  • Mr. Alexander Geurtz (SES)
  • Mr. Yannick Poirier (FTA Inverto)
  • Mr. Frederic Roelens (FTA Inverto)

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