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LiveSatPreDem – Live Satellite Precoding Demonstration

Title: LiveSatPreDem – Live Satellite Precoding Demonstration 
Funding source: ESA - European Space Agency
Prime Contractor: SnT
Partners: SES, Airbus Defence and Space, Fraunhofer IIS
Principal investigator: Dr. Symeon Chatzinotas
Researchers:  Dr. Stefano Andrenacci, Dr. Juan Merlano Duncan, Dr. Vahid Joroughi, Dr. Nicola Maturo, Mr. Jevgenij Krivochiza

LiveSatPreDem – Live Satellite Precoding Demonstration

The objective of this study is to implement and demonstrate, through live demonstration over a real GEO satellite, Multi-User Multiple Input Single Output (MU-MISO) digital signal processing techniques, namely precoding, in the Forward (FWD) link of a multi-beam satellite system operating in full frequency reuse (FFR). While standard technologies, as for DVB-S2, are designed to operate using an interference avoidance approach through a proper re-use of the available spectrum amongst beams, more recent paradigms have been proposed and studied which go in the opposite direction through the management and the exploitation of the interference amongst beams. The objective is clearly to maximize the use of the user link available spectrum (in terms of spectral efficiency) which represents a limited resource of the system. At the same time, the system flexibility can be improved through the intelligent management of satellite resources (i.e. on-board power).

The study shall increase the maturity of the technology to a Technology Readiness Level of 5. To this aim, the demonstrator shall implement all the required functionalities of a precoding-based system to correctly exploit its gains, which are synchronization and proper collection of the estimated Channel State Information (CSI) by User Terminals (UTs) to be fed-back to the Gateway (GW), precoding-specific smart user-scheduling techniques and Modulation and Coding (Modcod) allocation, computationally-efficient calculation of the precoder subject to satellite environment constraints  and application of the resulting precoder to the vectors of symbol streams, one per each beam, to be transmitted by the GW. The benchmark for this study is represented by an equivalent system architecture operating in a colour reuse scheme that basically entails an interference avoidance approach, without the use of precoding. Based on recent studies and depending on the system assumptions, expected gains compared with conventional satellite schemes are in the range of 30% to 100%.

Figure 1: In-Lab testing prototype for GW and UTs


Project Partners:

Funding Source: European Space Agency (ARTES AT)

Project Start Date: 03/2018

Project End Date: 12/2020

Project Team:

Project Manager: Dr. Symeon Chatzinotas

Research Team: 


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