Student assessment winter semester 2020-2021

published on 02 November 2020

The process of student assessment during the winter semester 2020 – 2021 aims to fit the rigour of our learning standards, while accounting for the safety of students and staff during the ongoing pandemic. The student assessments also take note of the educational needs of each faculty and study programme at the University, so as to provide the means to complete the semester in a flexible manner.

The following arrangements for student assessment are applicable to all study programmes at the University for the winter semester 2020 – 2021:

  • Mid-term exams. The ongoing arrangements for students who are taking in-person mid-term exams and tests during October-November can continue as planned. A remote format of midterm assessments that are yet to take place is strongly recommended. All students that are required to stay in their residencies due to a positive case, self-isolation or self-quarantine must be offered an alternative remote way of assessment.
  • The week of study days/revisions (4 – 9 January, 2021) will be integrated in the exam period (see next point), in effect extending the examination period of the winter semester, so as to allow students and staff more time to prepare and submit the exams in a more flexible way.
  • End of semester exams (4 January – 6 February 2021). The default setting of winter exams is the remote format. A very limited number of in-person assessments will be accepted for those study programmes and courses whose exams require an explicit physical presence and interaction. All exceptions to remote examination require the consent from the Vice-rector for academic affairs, and the COVID Committee of the University.
  • The Continuous Assessment (contrôle continu) is strongly recommended as a form of examination for all programmes during the winter semester.
  • The remote exam modality must aim for efficiency and flexibility such as having an open-book non-invigilated exam (i.e. essays, literature reviews, research papers, lab or project reports, portfolios, etc.) that students can complete in a given number of hours. Written exams via Moodle (test/quiz), and remote oral assessments (oral exam or student presentation) are also viable options of examination. WebEx is the only tool allowed in the process of written and oral remote examination of the current semester.

Please consult the guidelines for remote assessment for additional information, support and assistance.