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Doctoral Education

Interested in applying for a doctorate at the University of Luxembourg?

At the University of Luxembourg, structured doctoral programmes combine coursework and research phases carried out over three to four years for full-time students (36-48 months, as defined by the University law):

  • Disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary research work;
  • Customised courses, enabling you to acquire advanced academic knowledge and a range of transferable skills; and
  • Defence of your original academic work — the doctoral dissertation — before a distinguished committee of experts.

Learn more about how to become a doctoral candidate, how doctoral education is organised at the University of Luxembourg and in case you are a researcher, how to become a supervisor.




Joint supervision of a doctoral thesis

Doctoral Education Agreement (DEA)

Doctoral Training:

  • Transferable Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Skills

Visiting Doctoral Candidate



Four Doctoral Schools

Discover the four Doctoral Schools at the University of Luxembourg: Science and Engineering (DSSE), Humanities and Social Sciences (DSHSS), Economics, Finance and Management (DSEFM) and Law (DSL). Each Doctoral School has at least one Doctoral programme.



If you have more questions, please contact the Office of Doctoral Studies (Bureau des études doctorales, BED) via email:


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