As a doctoral applicant, you may receive funding from the University of Luxembourg or through research grants. Alternatively, you may choose to fund your own studies or pursue your degree in tandem with work.

The source of funding does not necessarily influence the content of your research, but it may impact your employment status at the University and consequently other benefits.

Source of funding


Funding via the University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg funds many full-time doctoral candidates published on its job portal.


Other funding

Non-University funding is available through:



If you choose to fund your own dissertation, you may still apply and enrol as a doctoral candidate. You will not receive an employment contract through the University. If you are employed elsewhere, you may choose to carry out your doctoral studies on a part-time basis.

Once you have found a suitable funding

You had already chosen your dissertation discipline and found your supervisor. The next steps will be to complete the admission procedure. The Office of doctoral studies will guide you through the process, in collaboration with your future supervisor.