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Doctoral Education Agreement (DEA)

The Doctoral Education Agreement (DEA) lays out the frame for enrolment in the Doctoral programmes at the University of Luxembourg and has been drawn up in accordance with the University Law, the Internal Regulations (Règlement d’Ordre Intérieur), and the Study Regulations (Règlement des Études) in force. The objectives of the DEA are to describe and regulate the rights and obligations of the doctoral candidate and the (Co)supervisors. It should be set up at the latest 6 months after the start of studies (study regulations, art. 47).

The Research and Training Plan (RTP) is an annexe to the DEA and lists the training components and the corresponding ECTS and any additional requirements for the Doctoral Candidate in accordance with the specificities of the Doctoral Programme, consisting of both research and training components. The RTP should be set up by the Doctoral Candidate and the (Co)-Supervisor(s) at the latest 6 months after the registration of the candidate in the Doctoral Programme. It shall be updated each year following the candidate’s annual CET (comité d’encadrement de thèse/ thesis supervision committee) meetings. Updates and amendments to the RTP are proposed by the CET and the Doctoral Candidate following a CET meeting. In the CET presentation, the candidate will report on the status of his/her research and the future research plan as well as on completed and planned trainings.

The last CET meeting approves that all requirements of the RTP have been fulfilled, which is a condition for the defence authorisation.

Please download a PDF version of the DEA for information. Do not complete this PDF. The office of doctoral studies will contact the doctoral candidates 4-6 weeks after enrolment, to invite them to complete the DEA.

Doctoral candidates: If you need more information, please contact your supervisor, your Doctoral School secretariat or


Thesis supervision committee (CET)

The University law and the Study regulations give clear instructions about the supervision of a thesis. For each doctoral candidate and thesis, a thesis supervision committee (CET: comité d’encadrement de thèse) is nominated by the Rector.

Law article 37(5): The CET has 3 members (4 in case of a cotutelle), all of which have a "Dr" title. The mission of the CET is to meet at least once a year with the doctoral candidate in order to ensure progress and evaluate the work of the doctoral candidate.

Study regulations, article 50:

  • One CET member is the thesis supervisor
    • At least one CET member has a work contract with the UL, covering the entire period of the thesis duration, or is an affiliate professor
    • Max. one member without ADR; this member must not have any hierarchical link with the other CET members.

In case of a joint supervision (cotutelle), the CET is composed of 4 members (balanced representation of both institutions).